A Friendly Child Dental Clinic in Lake Worth

Our Mission

At Lake Worth Pediatric Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing your child with quality dentistry for their long-term health and comfort.

Dr. Popper and our team are committed to ensuring that children throughout Lake Worth and the surrounding communities have pleasant experiences that make them comfortable with the dental environment, and create positive oral health habits for the rest of their lives.

A Friendly Dental Office - Lake Worth Pediatric Dentistry

A Friendly Dental Office

The treatment we provide is backed by the friendly staff that are happy to address any questions or concerns that you or your child may have. 

Comfort-Minded Care - Lake Worth Pediatric Dentistry

Comfort-Minded Care

Our child dental clinic in Lake Worth will child’s care to match their individual comfort level, and emphasize gentle and proactive services to assure their comfort with dentistry.

Hands-On Dentistry - Lake Worth Pediatric Dentistry

Hands-On Dentistry

When you bring your child to Lake Worth PD, comfort and dental education are of the utmost importance.

Mira Wright
last week
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Highly recommended!!! Dr. Popper was very detailed with a consultation. He explained everything thoroughly to make sure that I understood my son’s treatment plan. He really eased my worries as a parent. His assistant was also very nice and helped to calm my son down during the visit. The receptionist was also very nice. Everything was amazing! This is a real review lol ♥️
Ned Juju
3 weeks ago
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As always, we had a great experience with Dr Popper. We love Dr Popper and recommend him to all of our friends, especially those who have children who are afraid to go to the dentist. He’s great at explaining what’s about to happen and putting our minds at ease (both mama and kid)! My son had a cavity filled at a previous visit, and had no idea that he was given an injection /had absolutely no discomfort during the drilling etc. The only downside to this is that when I encourage him to brush and floss more often in order to prevent cavities, he says he “doesn’t care because it doesn’t hurt!” Dr Popper is THAT good.
Stacy Minotti
a year ago
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My daughter had been going here since she was around a year old and every time we go, it just gets better and better! Dr. Popper and his dental assistants are amazing, and my daughter loves them! She had such a good time today at her visit and, they made her feel so special. She hasn’t let go of her toothbrush and floss since we left 😂 Looking forward to our next visit!
Dr. Drew Popper - Lake Worth Pediatric Dentistry

Meet Dr. Drew Popper

Dr. Drew C. Popper, a certified pediatric dentist in Lake Worth FL received his Bachelors of Science degree in Health Science from Boston University. He then earned his Master’s Degree in Oral Health Sciences. Upon completion of his Master’s Degree, he then earned his Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry from Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine in Boston, MA. Upon completion of dental school, he moved to New York University Lutheran Medical Center in Tampa, FL where he completed his Specialty in Pediatric Dentistry for Children.

Preventive Dental Care - Lake Worth Pediatric Dentistry

Preventive Dental Care

Nothing is more important for your oral health. Coming in for routine six-month cleanings and checkups will help you avoid common oral health issues like cavities and gum disease.

Dental Emergencies - Lake Worth Pediatric Dentistry

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can occur at any time and for a variety of reasons. They can leave your child in pain, feeling frustrated, and with severe discomfort.

Restorative Dentistry - Lake Worth Pediatric Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Typically, dental restorations are used to replace a damaged tooth, commonly dental restorations procedure for children includes dental fillings, crowns, and dentures.

Hospital Dentistry - Lake Worth Pediatric Dentistry

Hospital Dentistry

Hospital dentistry is a special field that blends medicine with dentistry. It is often suitable for patients with severe medical conditions.

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