Child’s First Visit

Make Your Child’s First Dental Visit in Lake Worth Fun

A child’s first dental visit in Lake Worth to the dentist can be a little worrisome and daunting. However, with the right preparations, some fun prizes, and friendly faces, we can create an inviting experience for your kids. First and subsequent visits to our dental office are tailored to the behavior and age of each child. Our goal is to provide a positive experience so they look forward to coming back again!

When Should The First Visit Be?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child’s first visit should be when their newly erupted teeth are showing. This means that around the age of one, your child should have their first dental visit and establish their dental home.

Child first examine - Lake Worth Pediatric Dentistry

Preparing For Your First Visit

  • Once your first visit is made, you will be asked to fill out new patient paperwork from the comfort of your own home. This can be done via email or text message. Bringing your dental insurance card will allow us to focus on the finer details so that you can focus on your child’s experience. If you are transferring from another dentistry office, with your approval, we will request that previous dental records be sent to us.
  • If your child is taking any medication and you are concerned or unsure of interactions, please feel free to bring prescriptions with you to show us on your visit.
  • When informing or describing to your child about the way dentists work, there are some comments or phrases that you should look to avoid. For instance, phrases like “it’s not going to hurt” or “don’t worry, you won’t be getting any shots” can cause more stress then you may believe. Instead, opt for statements like “the dentist will brush your teeth and show you how to brush your own,” or “the dentist may even take a picture of your teeth using x-ray vision as superheroes do!” Keep it light and simple so that your child won’t have anything to worry about.

First Impressions

We understand that work and school are very important, yet we have seen a huge rise in children’s ability to cooperate, focus and be in a calmer state of mind when appointments are made in the morning. We are happy to provide you with documentation excusing yourself and your child from daily obligations if need be.

Once you enter our children dental office in Lake Worth FL, our front desk staff will immediately greet you. Our dental assistant will escort you both to the dental chair and start to familiarize you with our dental equipment and how they work. We use behavioral management skills to gain a trusting connection with your child. This will allow us to perform a thorough cleaning and have x-rays done if need be.

Once this is completed, you will meet with your doctor who will perform a thorough examination. They will be able to explain the importance of diet, proper oral hygiene, the cavity process, oral habits, fluoride exposure, and much more. If cavities are present, we will review all options available to you and create a treatment plan.

Our goal is to not only create a positive and fun experience for your child but allow for your experience to be smooth and delightful.

My child had a chipped tooth and luckily we found Dr. Popper. That was two years ago, and we have used him since. My children are so relaxed when going to the dentist and it makes my life so much easier.
Michael Akerman